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This feature enables caching of query result sets in client memory.

The cached result set data is transparently kept consistent with any changes done on the server side.

You can also request an e-mail of your workspace names.

And, finally, you can view a log of login attempts.

This new feature focuses on fixing an execution plan for a Pro*C/C and Pro*COBOL application by using the outline feature.

Both of these enhancements enable support for Web services created with JDeveloper and Oracle BPEL synchronous processes.This release also includes a number of workspace management enhancements.For users requesting new workspaces or requesting additional storage, you can control what sizes display.It also reduces the server CPU that would have been consumed for processing the query, thereby improving server scalability.Application developers can now precompile Pro*C/C and Pro*COBOL applications with the new statement caching option.

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You can now specify rules for password expiration, mandate strong passwords (that is, specify the minimum number of and type of characters), require that users change their passwords on first use, and lock accounts.

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