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A class action lawsuit detailing the many cases of abuse that have taken place in several Sovereign Grace Churches was dismissed due to the statute of limitations issues in the state of Maryland. Mahaney, the embattled former senior pastor of Covenant Life Church and former leader of the denomination, has fled the church he once deemed “the happiest place on earth” to plant a new church in Louisville, KY. Mahaney, surely his behavior warrants inclusion with the men mentioned.

Most importantly I want to please God during this season of examination and evaluation.” As the discussion about the direction of the ministry heated up, the daily clicks on two blogs on which former members vent shot into the tens of thousands.

Dennis Horton, a Baylor University professor of religion who studies resurgent Calvinism, said the trend emphasizes the sovereignty of God — thus the name of Mahaney’s group — as opposed to free will and the idea that one can boost one’s chances of salvation through good deeds.

“Of all the groups, they are more susceptible to authority issues because they put so much emphasis on authority and hierarchy,” he said.

Two other church leaders at Covenant Life, the flagship church in Gaithersburg, have stepped down.

Mahaney’s protégé, Josh Harris, who is Covenant Life’s lead pastor, left the denomination’s board because of differing views on what God is trying to say through the shake-up.

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Although there is no evidence that the leadership upheaval has harmed attendance, pastors clearly know many congregants are asking questions.

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