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In my experience, Bumble profiles seem to be more intellectual and men post better-looking photos (this could perhaps be due to an attempt to appeal to a more modern woman who doesn’t expect men to make the first move.

I matched with a man the same age as me who mentioned 420 in his profile: “surf, skate, snow, outdoors lifestyle but I am responsible and have my shit together! Coffee 420 rarely drink.” It turns out he is a daily smoker, super fit, and very nice.

Dating has, for the most part, evolved into a cyber-experience.

No matter the location, most single adults are dating online through an app downloaded to their smartphone.

Bumble is an app that explicitly lets the women make the first move.

“A win win for both genders,” it’s exactly like Tinder but the women are in charge, getting the exclusive 24-hour right to message someone they mutually connect with.

There are gender and distance filters, but not one for age, though the app does list your age.

It made my request inbox for buddies interesting because I knew several were well below any age I’d want to date.

High There is perfect for college students, and I’ve recommended it to friends in the cannabis business because the Joints feed is filled with people showing off their grow/products and having conversations about strains.

It could use a cleaner, modern look, especially since cannabis subculture is changing with legalization.

Another setting gives you six “Likes” to enable: Outdoors, Music, TV/Movies, Culture, Food, and/or Gaming.

Its pitch is “High There connects cannabis users and enthusiasts with each other by sharing meaningful conversations and experiences without stigma.” This one is the most fun of all the cannabis-friendly dating apps.

However, the design aesthetic is bad 90s use of cheesy artsy retro style, which is probably aimed at millennials.

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Whether I was in a bustling part of town or in a smaller suburban area doing a new geographical search (30 miles was my choice setting), there were at most 15 users online.

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