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However, there was a crossover sign in 30.6% of hips without dysplasia, which is comparable to the prevalence of acetabular retroversion in western populations [40].It should be noted that the study populations in these two investigations were all undergoing surgery for a hip condition and are not necessarily representative of the general population.They imaged 201 patients (age 18–40 years) with computed tomography scans and found that the white patients had higher average alpha angles (56°) than Chinese patients (50°).Further, 56% of white patients had an alpha angle 55° compared with 34% of Chinese patients.Further, there is also a lack of theories explaining the etiology of acquired pincers lesions.

The understanding of FAI has revolutionized the treatment of hip pain in the young, non-arthritic patient.

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A pincer lesion is an acetabular overcoverage (focal or global) whereas a cam deformity is the loss of the normal femoral head sphericity at the head–neck junction (Fig. This aspherical region is typically located anterolaterally on the femoral neck and can lead to damage of the chondrolabral junction.

Nötzli originally quantified the cam deformity using the ‘alpha angle’ [1], which is centered in the center of the femoral head and formed by two lines between the femoral neck axis and a line where the femoral head leaves a best-fit circle.

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