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A ban on Jehovah’s Witnesses is to come into full force in Russia after a court dismissed an appeal against the group’s classification as an “extremist” organisation.

The British and American governments were among those raising human rights concerns over the prohibition, which will liquidate the group’s administrative centre near St Petersburg and 395 local religious organisations.

“We can only hope a fair evaluation of the facts will eventually prevail and our right to worship in Russia will be legally restored.” The Christian denomination put forward requests to allow experts to testify on whether their beliefs can be considered extremist but the three-judge panel rejected all motions.

In the two months following the initial ruling on 20 April, the Jehovah’s Witnesses international headquarters reported a seven-fold increase in incidents of violence and harassment it said was linked to the case.

The Hebrew word for elephant, “PIL” פיל, sounds similar to “PILegesh” פילגש, meaning “concubine.” Using Hovah-logic, you could come up with some bizarre explanations.

You might break down the word PILegesh into two words: PIL “elephant” and the verb GESH meaning “approach!

This is just me venting my frustration at having to explain basic Hebrew grammatical concepts."Evil is coming upon you which you will not know how to charm away; disaster (hovah) is falling upon you which you will not be able to appease; coming upon you suddenly is ruin of which you know nothing." (Isaiah ) "Calamity (hovah) shall follow calamity (hovah), and rumor follow rumor.CBN's ministry is made possible by the support of our CBN Partners.If 'hovah' does mean 'a ruin, disaster' in Strong's concordance then 'Jehovah' or 'Yehovah' can not mean 'he causes to become' or 'he is, he was, he will be' but rather something more negative like he causes or is a disaster....can it?!Russia changed its legal definition of extremism in 2006, removing requirements for violence or hatred but stating the “incitement of….religious discord” as criteria, leaving the Jehovah's Witnesses with the same legal status as Isis or Nazis.The group's international website was blocked in Russia two years ago over alleged extremism, with its Bibles banned the following year, while a local chairman was jailed for two years on charges of possessing “extremist literature” in 2010.

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"The British Government continues to call upon the Russian Government to uphold its international commitment to this basic freedom.” The US Commission on International Religious Freedom denounced the Russian Supreme Court’s latest ruling and said it reflects the government’s “continued equating of peaceful religious freedom practice to extremism”.

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